An Army Brat in Libya

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Brown took over the command of the battered 93d and led it through the attack on the target and the journey back to Benghazi. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions on that mission. Brown was appointed assistant operations officer, 2d Air Division on 8 April He was promoted to colonel on 1 October. He was so gung ho that he had come home, checked on me, and without my knowing it, put in to go back for another tour.

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For the first time, Brown received a mediocre effectiveness report. On 1 July he became assistant deputy for operations. With the outbreak of the Korean War in June , this mission acquired great importance. He became Director on 15 July It was the first and only service school he attended after graduating from West Point. Gates Jr.

It was staffed by personnel of all three services. Wheeler , on the recommendation of his predecessor in the role, Lieutenant General Andrew Goodpaster. Brown was promoted to the same rank on 1 August On 1 August , Brown assumed command of the Seventh Air Force and also became deputy commander for air operations, U. Keegan felt that:. There was complete trust, rapport, an end to gamesmanship between one service and another.

George Scratchley Brown

It was clear from the outset that Abrams understood finally that in George Brown he had a personal friend whose life and resources were wholly committed to fulfilling the theater job and responsibility that Abrams had upon his shoulders. Without waiting for approval from the Secretary of Defense, he ordered two squadrons of F-4 Phantoms with Electronic Counter Measures capability be delivered to Israel, along with , tons of bombs and ammunition.

Keegan believed that without Brown, "the supplies would never have reached Israel. However, he did not remain Chief of Staff for long. During his term as Chairman, Brown commented on two occasions—firstly to a Duke University audience in October , and then to a French reporter in —that Israel was becoming a burden to The Pentagon and that he believed the reason for continual military aid was due to Jews having control over America's banks, newspapers and elected officials.

His exact words were:. It's so strong you wouldn't believe now. We have the Israelis coming to us for equipment. We say we can't possibly get the Congress to support that. They say, 'Don't worry about the Congress. We will take care of the Congress. They own, you know, the banks in this country, the newspapers. Just look at where the Jewish money is. Brown's comments at Duke and subsequent reprimand by President Gerald Ford were reported on the front page of The Washington Post on 13 and 14 November Brown was known for the directness of his speech, which sometimes offended those around him.


Asked to comment in an interview for Newsweek on his opinion of the British Armed Forces , Brown replied, "They're no longer a world power. All they've got are generals, admirals and bands. Some, like Lord Allenby condemned Brown's remarks, while others, like Lord Monckton acknowledged the truth of the remarks. Brown was diagnosed with prostate cancer and retired due to ill health on 21 June Winner of the Award of Excellence from Body Mind Spirit Magazine, this book is not only a wonderful introduction to heaven and the afterlife, but also a simple reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

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About the Illustrator. Ray Williams was raised as an "army brat," living in Italy, Libya and other exotic places. His company, Village Idiot Artworks, is based in Longview, Washington, where he lives with his son and Midnight, their black cat. All Books. Growing Up. Interconnected World.

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Jody Bergsma Collection. Shop by Age Range. A couple of hours later we were jammed back aboard, but mechanical difficulties kept us on the ground several more hours. Military planes, whether carrying troops or dependents, weren't on fixed schedules. You landed when you landed. What seemed like days but was more than likely some thirty hours later, we reached our new home. It was 9 p. No snow on the ground here: the weather was temperate and probably no colder than 55 degrees.

Only after a good night's sleep would we regain our land legs and clarity of hearing - the noise and vibration of prop planes had a habit of disorienting the body, which included sight and hearing, for hours. An officer from my father's new command met us at Wheelus Air Base and drove us the eight miles into town to our temporary quarters - the Albergo Del Mahari, a hotel that definitely marked our passage into an Arab country.

The flat roof of the white stucco hotel was highlighted in front with a dome situated upon two pentagon-shaped, windowed bays. Just under the dome was a high bay accented with a multi-paned, oval window on each of its five sides; under it was a flatter and wider bay with opaque, rectangular glass-block windows on each section. Its unusual design, to which I would soon become accustomed, reminded me of a tiered wedding cake.

Tired and disheveled, we were led under a portico and through the hotel's glass double doors into a spacious marble-tiled lobby. Each side of the five-sided lobby faced a different courtyard; the center of each courtyard contained either a fountain or a small, rectangular pool.

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Vines covered the courtyard walls; small trees, many of them poinsettias, dotted the space and surrounded several benches. Our tiny suite of rooms was reached across a courtyard with a fountain, and our suite faced the courtyard garden. It was like an enchanting scene from Arabian Nights - the mosaic designs, the unfamiliar, musky fragrance of the air. My excitement turned to apprehension as I surveyed the tiny bedroom my sister and I would share: two narrow single beds covered by dark red-striped bedspreads.

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The strange surroundings almost overwhelmed me. I felt disoriented and fearful - gone were the familiar touchstones of stateside life. And it all smelled so odd.

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I couldn't wait until we had our own place and were surrounded by our own furniture. Our private bathroom changed my mood. The very deep rectangular tub was unusual, even ludicrous to American eyes. The tub was designed as a seat; when the bather was seated, the tub would hold enough water to reach our armpits.

There was no stretching out in this oddity. Prominently hung on the wall was a urinal, with no sign of a regular toilet. Obviously, a man's convenience was more important in this Middle Eastern palace. Giggling at the incongruity, the two of us found we couldn't even improvise; it was too high to fit our private plumbing. We'd have to find a normal toilet to use. Visit Victoria's blog for more stories Stacy Sunday, November 25, PM.

An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya
An Army Brat in Libya An Army Brat in Libya

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