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The contract

Jump to: navigation , search. Contract Killer Complete one of Erskine's Wilderness slayer contracts. Trivia [ edit edit source ] This achievement used to be a task prior to the release of the Achievements System on 18 April The name of this achievement is a reference to the term used for a hitman.

Contract Killer / Hitman Movies (chronological Order)

Previously you could get your slayer kills out of the wilderness until you had one left, then get the last kill in the wilderness. This has now been patched. Categories : Members' achievements Achievements Wilderness achievements Hard achievements.

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It is responsibility of the middlemen to arrange vehicle and arms for the killers. The conspirator has to pay more for vehicle, arms and liquor bottles. In the M.

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Khan murder case, the conspirator initially approached a criminal who coincidentally was also a police informer, to execute the task. However, the task was to be executed in Jamia Nagar.

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As such, he suggested to the conspirator to assign the task to a local criminal because no outsider would undertake the work in Jamia Nagar. How weapons and vehicles are arranged The middleman has to arrange weapons to be used for a contract killing. The plan is discussed in advance, including how many rounds of bullets would be fired, and the type of vehicles to be used in the crime. The vehicles are arranged from autolifters.

For contract killers in capital, human life is worth just Rs 5,

A police official said that a decade ago, most sharpshooters used to be from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, but nowadays local or macro-level shooters are preferred as they are aware of the geography and other local inputs about the target. New trends According to the police, contract killing has changed a lot in the last decade. Contract killers are now armed with automatic weapons and drive luxury cars. The weapon had been procured from Brazil. WhatsApp may ban you for life if you belong to these groups.

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The contract

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Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer
Contract Killer Contract Killer

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