MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)

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Introducing MRI: Functional MRI (55 of 56)

Since the beginning of this decade, a fundamental change has taken place: Perfusion- and diffusion-MRI have shown to be capable of depicting the ischemic injury immediately after vessel occlusion. While perfusion MRI is sensitive to abnormalities in cerebral capillary blood flow micro-circulation , diffusion MRI indicates tissue damage on a cellular level. Combining perfusion- and diffusion-MRI with standard MR techniques T 2 -weighted sequences, MR angiography results in an MR protocol that is complementary and gives insight into both structural and functional parameters. Magnetresonanztomographie beim Schlaganfall - Methodische Grundlagen und klinische Anwendung.

Country of publication. Descriptors DEI. Descriptors DEC. Publication Year Publication Year. Language Language. Reference Number Reference Number. Kramer , L. Polyphonic sonification of electrocardiography signals for diagnosis of cardiac pathologies.

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Kather , A. Weidner , U. Attenberger , Y. Bukschat , C. Weis , M. Weis , L. Color-coded visualization of magnetic resonance imaging multiparametric maps. Kather , F. Melchers , H. Sinn , A. Marx , T. Gaiser and C.

Funktionelle Bildgebung mit Ultraschall-Blut-Hirnschranke Störung und Mangan-MRT

Identification of a characteristic vascular belt zone in human colorectal cancer. Plos ONE, 12 3 , p. Neumann , F. Lietzmann , L.

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Z Med Phys, 27 2 , pp. Magn Reson Med, 78, pp.

Klotz , S. Hoeger , B. Yard , B. Z Med Phys, 27 1 , pp. Kartalis , G. Manikis , L.

Breitenseher Publisher | Herzbildgebung

Loizou , N. Albiin , F. Del Chiaro , K. Marias and N. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of pancreatic cancer: A comparison of mono-exponential, bi-exponential and non-Gaussian kurtosis models. European Journal of Radiology Open, 3, pp.

Kather , C. Bianconi , S. Melchers , L. Schad , T. Gaiser , A. Marx and F. Multi-class texture analysis in colorectal cancer histology. Sci Rep, 6, p. Mapping tumour tissue: quantitative maps of histological whole slide images. Oncology News, 10 6 , pp. Klotz , P. Pallavi , C. Tsagogiorgas , F. Zimmer , F. Binzen , W. Greffrath , R. Treede , J.

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Walter , M. Harmsen , B. Hafner , B. Yard and S. N-octanoyl dopamine treatment exerts renoprotective properties in acute kidney injury but not in renal allograft recipients. Nephrol Dial Transplant, 31 4 , pp. Riffel , F. Budjan , R. Grimm , K. Block , S. Schoenberg and D. Invest Radiol, 51 11 , p. Mattler , T. Papavassiliu , F. J Cardiov Magn R, 18, p.

Weis , V. Sommer , F. Hagelstein , K.

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  • MRI Grundlagen (German Edition) MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)
    MRI Grundlagen (German Edition) MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)
    MRI Grundlagen (German Edition) MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)
    MRI Grundlagen (German Edition) MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)
    MRI Grundlagen (German Edition) MRI Grundlagen (German Edition)

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