My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story

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The first one that stole my heart was Cooper. Not only is he gorgeous but also the perfect mixture of all male and sweetness.

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I cannot wait to see Cooper find the perfect woman for him. Then comes along the dark prince of the Forbidden Desires empire Gavin, and my heart literally stopped.

I found myself feeling the same mix of disgust, bewilderment, and unbridled lust and curiosity for this striking and mysterious hero. Emma Bell is a girl after my own heart with her love for romantic literature and craving for something a little dangerous and demanding. After her past relationship, the last thing she should want is danger and seduction but Gavin is bound and determined to give it to her in heart throbbing, heat inducing ways that leave not only Emma panting and a little disoriented but the reader as well. Kendall Ryan delivers a romance that is sure to have your heart twisted for not one but two different heroes.

I highly recommend Dirty Little Secret for an explosive start to a new series that gives you a taste of something dark and sinful and leaves you with a craving for more Forbidden Desires. Kendall never fails to rock my emotional world and leave me reeling and with a never ending greed! JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago Rating: 4. Dirty Little Secret starts of by introducing Emma Bell, a head librarian whose previous relationship has left her questioning any other guy that might be interested in her.

After leaving an abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend, Emma has become more shy and often judges herself that makes her feel not wanted.

Dirty Little Secrets Series

When she gets glimpses of a sexy stranger at the coffee shop she frequents often, Emma suddenly finds herself wanting to know who the stranger is and thus the adventure begins when on one occasion he ends up leaving his business card in the tip jar knowing that Emma was going to be watching. Though their encounters are brief, that still leaves Emma wondering what he does for a living and what his personality is going to be like. This all changes when she finds out that the sexy stranger happens to be the CEO of Forbidden Desires, an escort service site and does the unthinkable by signing up to his company in order to get to know him without knowing that her life was about to change forever.

Gavin Kingsley has it all, the money and looks to get just about any women he would like. With the help of his brothers, they are able to co-found Forbidden Desires, which has made them very rich.

Dirty Little Secrets

I very much enjoyed reading this book, this is definitely a different kind of story by the author, and I loved it. Gavin is a very secretive character who seems a bit careless at the beginning, but as he starts to spend time with Emma he starts to change a bit. Being the first book there is not a lot going on in terms of changes, but we do get to know the characters enough to keep us waiting for the next book to come. On the other hand, Emma is smart and kind. It's a big step when she takes charge and decides to go meet Gavin, and what she gets out of it is not what imagined, but she is glad to be spending time with him.

Kendall Ryan has managed to create yet another gripping story that will leave you wanting for more. I can not believe what was happening at the end when I had thought Gavin and Emma had finally worked things out. Cooper and yes I do believe by accident ends up spilling the beans about the past. I knew it was hidden, but I did not see it coming. Okay so what am I blabbering about here? So forgive me having my thoughts all over the place. This will happen to you. You will be left speechless. You will be craving to know what is going to happen next.

Starting from page one, I knew instantly that the title of this book held up to its name. I was not sure if this story was going to give us an ugly love triangle situation. Instead it was more heartbreaking. I truly want to believe Cooper is a good guy. Just a little lost and yearning for Emma's love.

Ihre Vorteile

He is Emma's comfort place. She seems to call on him when she is not sure she can trust Gavin. Oh and our Gavin is so damaged and craves control that I want to give him anything he wants and keep him safe! He is experiencing new feelings and having a hard time keeping it together. I am rooting for Gavin and Emma. I love Cooper, but I believe his person is still out there waiting. The ending scared me a bit and I am not sure how Emma will be able to truly trust Gavin.

Dirty Little Secret will have you blood racing, heart pounding, and you will get a little over heated with the sexy scenes we get. I am still swooning over these men and keeping my fingers cross that it is not over for Gavin and Emma. Happy reading friends!!!

Honestly, I love all 3 brothers. I definitely want to learn more about Quinn and just in general see more of the brothers.

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They are definitely something to swoon over. Gavin is an interesting character and I'm interested to learn about his past, a particular event and what happened. It does end in a cliffhanger, but nothing to "die" over. VeraMachado More than 1 year ago Emma Bell is a shy librarian that got out of an abusive relationship a year ago. While going through the motions of her boring life, she sees Gavin Kingsley, a hot business man. From that day on, Gavin becomes the star of Emma's fantasies and dreams. Until the day their eyes meet and Gavin leaves a clue for Emma to find him.

See a Problem?

When Emma finally has the chance to get to know Gavin, she finds herself over her head. But will she continue with her boring life and dreaming with Gavin? Or will she take a chance?

I loved Dirty Little Secret! The story is amazing and hooked me from the first page. It is filled with drama, hot steamy scenes, secrets, and mystery.

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Once I started reading this phenomenal book, I couldn't stop. And the cliffhanger? I need Dirty Little Promise now! I really loved the chemistry between Emma and Gavin. It was off the charts! Emma Bell is a shy woman, very insecure. She loves her job and books, but dreams of something more. She left an abusive relationship and is still o the mend.

My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story
My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story My Little Secrets 2 - Erotic story

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