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View all 3 comments. Feb 22, Christy rated it really liked it. Taylor Jenkins Reid is an author that has a talent for making you think about her stories and your life in general. One True Loves is definitely a book that will make you think. It also gave me all the feels, which I love. Traveling the world. Then something traumatic happens. She moves back home and settles running the family business.

After years pass, she moves on. The grief has consumed her for far too long. You start to understand that grief is chronic.

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You have to move through it, like swimming an undertow. Emma runs into Sam, a friend from high school, and sparks fly. She loves who she is with him and can see a future. They become engaged and things are looking up for them. Until she gets a phone call from a ghost- her long lost husband. It shakes her to her core. Her past, her present, they are both colliding.

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Her choice is impossible to make. I personally loved both Sam and Jesse. I knew my heart was going to break no matter who she chose. I was a mess while reading. I cried more than once. I bit my nails to the quick. The angst really got to me at times. Then there came a point where I came to terms with what was happening and I was okay with it- then view spoiler [ After Emma decided for certain who she would be with- she had one final romp with the other man.

I understood they needed closure, but that gutted me. I think a goodbye hug and kiss would have sufficed. Honestly, this is probably the only reason this isn't a 5 star for me. For those readers who are looking for something that will make you feel, make you think and want to read a story about finding yourself and true love- pick this one up.

This is a book I will never forget!

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View all 58 comments. Jul 16, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: adult , read-in , buddy-reads , romance , contemporary. The universe really lined up for me with this one.

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  4. They grew up together in a very small town in Massachusetts, but together they traveled the world and set up home base in California. She thought she was living the happiest life that she could, until he goes missing in a helicopter crash and is presumed dead. And two years after the love of her life was lost, she falls in love with a boy she has also known almost her entire life. And for the first time in a long time, she is happy. That is, until the missing husband is officially declared alive. And friends, that is the real reason this book is extremely hard for me to review.

    This book handles such an important and not talked about discussion on how you want different things at different points in your life. I was born and raised in Michigan, where all my family still live, but I knew I never wanted to stay. Like, more emotional than any kind of sad love triangle could be. So again, this is a hard book to rate.

    Yet, again, it did bother many of my friends, so use caution. Also, content and trigger warnings for underage drinking, thoughts of suicide, loss of a loved one, depression depiction, grief depiction, PTSD depiction, grey area cheating, and talk of cancer. Taylor Jenkins Reid always makes me books very inclusionary and I very much appreciate it. It will only be the intent behind them that will matter. I loved the messages of people changing and living the life they want to at whatever time in their life they want to live it.

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    Unpopular opinion: This book just was not for me. In fact, the premise of the heroine losing her husband, eventually moving on only to find out her husband survived. Absolutely intriguing.

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    Here is my problem. I did not connect. The way the book was structured and the fact that the author put the evol Unpopular opinion: This book just was not for me.

    The way the book was structured and the fact that the author put the evolution of two complete relationships into a page book was too much and too little all at the same time. As a result I felt like reading a list of chronological events without feeling like I experienced them through the characters. I simply did not connect. I have to say there were some very emotional parts towards the end, but then some of the characters actions were very questionable, even though they were in impossible situations, I just had a hard time understanding them.

    I guess it comes down to tastes.

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    View all 56 comments. Jun 26, Pearl Angeli rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-romance , sobfest , reads , angst-overload , annoying-heroines , damn-this-guy-is-perfect , published-in , love-triangles , favorites , hot-male-characters. I think true love means loving truly. Loving purely.

    Loving wholly. Because if it is, then I am sorry. I loved the writing style of Taylor Jenkins Reid. It's beautiful, compelling, well thought-out. It was perfect! But the ending was not something that I want to happen and I refuse to accept it until now. One True Loves took me on quite a ride.

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