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History is seldom page-turning; here, the true events of Gettysburg compose a thriller. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also by Tom Carhart. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles.

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Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales

Stay in Touch Sign up. Walsh's cohorts are equally evil and determined, but for different reasons. To make the story even more intriguing, the vicious Mr. Barlton resurfaces with a goal of reclaiming Tyler as the family slave. Secrets are revealed and mysteries resolved. Terror and evil battle with courage and love to claim the life of one small girl.

Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research.

Graves told this story well, and held my interest until the very last page. Her book is well worth reading. November 8, - Published on Amazon.

Should there come a time when a vacancy opens for Wonder Woman's job, Geneva Douglas ought to submit her resume. Somewhere during this tight work schedule she has managed to hone expert skills in racecar driving and martial arts. Living a life of glamour and adventure is not without its problems, however, and in Secret Ties just about everything that could go wrong for Geneva does -- practically all at once.

On the upside, Geneva meets a girl named Tyler Kane, a girl she believes may be the long-lost daughter of a murdered friend. Geneva's joy with finally being able to fulfill a promise to this deceased friend is short-lived, however, when various forces seek to end the reunion, and Geneva's life. Tyler's foster parents want to regain custody of the girl and adopt her, despite the fact that neither seem to have any loving interest in her.

Ryan Walsh, a grieving widower with a seedy past and present, seeks deadly revenge on Geneva's security agency, while one of his henchmen takes a curious interest in Geneva's new charge. A woman's work is never done, it seems, as Geneva struggles to maintain calm and order in her life, and in LA.

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With her first foray into fiction, author Graves presents an ambitious, and at times over-the-top, story of suspense. Geneva's interactions with Tyler are good and show softer facets to this "superwoman" character. My only quarrel with Secret Ties is the overuse of characterization. While Graves has created a fascinating cast to interact with Geneva, I fear some descriptions and character histories presented in the many pockets of exposition throughout the book may distract some from the action, which is the heart of this novel. November 3, - Published on Amazon.

This novel is a must read for anyone who likes lots of action and suspense. I got immersed into the world of Geneva Douglas, agent and bussinesswoman.

Hamas' Sinwar ramps up threats against Israel

Tyler Kane the little girl in the novel is a child that everyone wants to claim as their own. A host of other characters kept me immersed in a world of deceit, lies and deadly secrets. This novel is a real page-turner. December 7, - Published on Amazon. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. There was so much suspense and action that I could not put it down.

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I would recommend it to all my friends. If you love suspense novels, you'll love this book.

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Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties

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